The saying “You can’t compare apples and oranges” is the perfect way to approach HR.

For businesses to achieve incredible things, the journey starts with harnessing the power of diversity and creating a space where their people are free to be their best selves.

Thriving in an uncertain landscape requires new ways of thinking and creative decision making - and diverse teams do this best. In a perfect world, organisations would have the right processes, culture, leadership, and foundations in place for their people from the outset, but the reality is we are all at different stages and hindsight is 20/20. While getting everything right can require significant or overwhelming changes to a business, there are practical adjustments you can make that will have an immediate and noticeable impact. We work along side you to find the opportunities for change and build sustainable solutions for longevity.

Relate. | Kate Palu

“When the world’s problems seem so big, sometimes it’s hard to see how you as one human can make a difference. The best thing we can do is focus on the talent, skills, and knowledge that we bring to the table and start there.”


Co-Founder and Director

Kate is an executive leader, coach, and HR expert who partners with businesses to create positive change focused on improving outcomes for people, customers, and results.


With more than 15 years’ experience driving and coaching commercial leadership teams across Australia and the UK, Kate understands the tangible financial outcomes that follow healthy work environments and an engaged workforce.


A Business graduate from the University of Queensland, Kate’s strength is in strategically driving change in organisations through building strong relationships, fostering open communication, effective problem solving, and people coaching.


Growing up in a large family, Kate understands the value of building communities of support and the benefit of having a network to assist us in solving life’s problems. Her positivity and drive to make an enduring impact on communities are infectious.


Kate is the Co-Founder of Relate, a company started with the purpose to remove barriers for women in the workplace and create an ecosystem where people are empowered to be their best selves. Kate is passionate about gender equality, diversity and inclusion and believes in the positive and lasting impact that empowered organisations can have on teams, individuals, families, and communities.


Co-Founder and Director

Jaz is an accomplished executive leader, coach, and HR practitioner with roots in creative industries and psychology. Her breadth of experience spans a variety of corporate cultures, both in Australia and internationally. As the former Managing Director and CEO of APRG, Jaz is an experienced leader, whose ability to foster strong relationships and enable a vision for a better future, is both refreshing and inspiring.


The threads of her study of both psychology and theatre combined with her professional experience as an actor have given her a unique perspective on human behaviour in the workplace; including how human intent can translate into actions, thoughts and behaviours, as well as creative solutions to business challenges. Jaz is a human behavioural enthusiast who will inspire you to see and do things differently.


Removing hurdles for women in the workplace is a key focus for Jaz, having grown up surrounded by generational domestic violence and seeing firsthand the impact the traditional workplace has on both mothers and their children. Jaz brings to business, a commitment to using her unique talents to improve human potential through authenticity and the creation of positive work ecosystems in order to drive tangible results.


An expert at HR process design and policy, she is the go-to for organisations that are looking to foster real diversity and sustainable change.

Relate. | Jasmyn da Silva

“No one gets out of bed to be a bad person; I honestly believe this. People are inherently good with complex needs. My work focuses on giving people the tools to understand themselves and each other better, to relate to each other.”

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