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The landscape of HR has changed irreversibly since 2019. The way businesses functioned, and the people strategies of the past will no longer serve organisations. More than ever, businesses now need to create ecosystems that provide balance and allow people to have meaningful careers, contribute to a higher purpose, and provide the flexibility to also have meaningful lives. The value of working with Relate is that we challenge limiting frameworks and provide sustainable solutions that support organisations and employees of the future.


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All aspects of recruitment directly influence onboarding and performance on the job. Recruitment is not rocket science, it is a process, and key to any effective process is understanding your control points, simplifying access to the tools required as well as standardising procedures.


A well-constructed recruitment and onboarding process based on validated principles saves time and improves outcomes. Our best practice recruitment design and co-sourcing can see you realise little reliance on recruitment agencies, higher performance, access to future talent, minimised risk, lower turnover and a diverse team.


We will help you set a framework that you can successfully run independently in the future.

If you could use help with your recruitment needs, we are here to support.


Employee turnover is without a doubt one of the toughest challenges facing most businesses and HR departments.


According to LinkedIn, the average annual turnover rate is about 11% and climbing. Turnover is the outcome of the big and small moments in the employee lifecycle that have an impact; we work with businesses to review existing approaches and provide solutions to build sustainable best practice.


Key areas that impact turnover are recruitment, remuneration, reward and recognition, leadership, training and coaching, engagement, communication, and culture.

If you would like support to reduce your turnover, we are here to help.

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In a 2021 report, 60% of Australian leaders indicated that they felt they were struggling as leaders.


Leadership directly impacts a company’s performance, employee productivity, engagement, turnover, and customer satisfaction. Poor leadership is disruptive, resulting in a lack of innovation, ideas, and creativity, and it drives away great employees and future leaders. 

When building leadership frameworks, position your leaders for success by; aligning them to a purpose, teach them the rules of the game, foster great communication, let them know how they are doing and invest in their growth.

If you would like external support for your leaders, we can help.


To manage and improve performance, you first need to understand it. Our approach to performance is entwined across three factors – clarity, potential and purpose.


Do your employees know what is required in their role and what standards are expected? Research shows nearly 50% of employees across all sectors currently lack role clarity in the workplace. Do your employees have the skills and resources to complete their tasks? Are your employees connected to the organisation’s purpose and motivated to perform in their role?


Once you are looking at performance across the three factors it becomes easier for leaders to identify gaps and themes, and effectively target and tailor their coaching.

If you would like some help with your performance framework, we are here.

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Relate. | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are top of mind across People & Culture and business leaders as the benefits can’t be ignored.  Research indicates that organisations that are more diverse and inclusive have improved business outcomes, are more creative when it comes to problem solving, are more productive and see positive effects on profits due to stronger teamwork, improved retention, and a positive company image.


The benefits are clear, but it takes thoughtful strategies and work to attract, retain and engage talent from diverse backgrounds. Start with an inclusive recruitment process, setting targets will help to drive inclusive behaviours. Prioritise pay equity and employee benefits and offer DE&I education across the organisation and communities.

If you would like support with your DE&I program, we are here.