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Whether you are re-entering the workplace, ready to make a change, navigating a promotion, or looking to improve your skills, we are here to help! We are honest, caring and experienced professionals who will work wherever you are on your career journey. We offer flexible payment options and some free services, which makes getting help easy.


Relate. | Job seeking and career building

Job seeking & Career building.

Job seeking or changing careers can be an exciting time, but it can also be daunting. The best way to make the process less overwhelming is to set yourself some goals and get some support!


Before you start your job search, it's essential to plan to help you find the right opportunity. Our 1:1 sessions will guide you to understand your purpose, think about longer-term goals, articulate your experience, write your resume, prepare for your interview and handle potential rejection professionally.


Job seeking takes significant emotional energy; the best course of action is to ensure you have the proper scaffolding around you.

If you’d like support with your job seeking or want to chat about taking the next step in your career, get in touch.


Development is an ongoing practice that helps you to assess your long-term goals and unlock your full potential. It helps you define your purpose and life goals more clearly, learn from previous challenges, and discover hidden strengths.


In our adult lives we generally shy away from activities that make us feel like we are out of our comfort zone, but just as exercise is good for our bodies, our brain needs to keep stretching itself with new information so you can continue to flourish.


At Relate, we run bite-sized workshops that will help you build resilience, confidence, leadership, wellbeing and help you better understand yourself and others.

To start investing in your future, register for a group learning or one-on-one session.

Relate. | Development
Relate. | Interview Skills

Interview skills.

It's important to work on interview techniques from time to time. If you haven't had an interview for a while or you’ve had a few unsuccessful ones, it might be time to brush up!


When preparing for an interview, it helps to research the company, reflect on your experience, plan your commute, and role-play your performance. If you're struggling with confidence, take the time to invest in yourself and learn some techniques to manage your nerves.

During the interview, make a good first impression, ask genuine questions, pay attention to your body language and tone of voice. Listen carefully to what’s being asked of you and make sure you are answering the question in your response.


Once the interview is over, thank the people involved in the process. Whether you secure the role or not, ask for feedback so you can learn from the experience and hone your interview skills for the future.

To hone your interview skills, register to join a group training session or one-to-one appointment.


At a networking event, most people ask: whom do you work for? What do you do? Good questions, but not unique and ultimately forgettable. The questions you ask and what you say when you are networking must be clear, impactful, and above all, memorable.


Become fascinated by other people, and you will become a brilliant conversationalist. The biggest key to networking is not talking about yourself; it's more about asking questions, listening to the response, and following up. To really win at networking it is also important to understand who in the room is open to a conversation.

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