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Startups & Scale-ups.

Startups walk the tightrope of balancing growth and profitability. Business owners and founders do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to running the business. There is a tipping point between driving strategy for growth and spending time worrying about infrastructure and administration. The value of working with Relate is that we are a cost-effective solution to broad HR issues without the commitment of additional headcount. We create the right infrastructure, policies, and processes to allow the business to grow and set up practices for a future HR function.

Relate. | Recruitment and Co-sourcing

Recruitment & co-sourcing.

All aspects of recruitment directly influence onboarding and performance on the job. Recruitment is not rocket science, it is a process, and key to any effective process is understanding your control points, simplifying access to the tools required as well as standardising procedures.


A well-constructed recruitment and onboarding process based on validated principles saves time and improves outcomes. Our best practice recruitment design and co-sourcing can see you realise little reliance on recruitment agencies, higher performance, access to future talent, minimised risk, lower turnover and a diverse team.


We will help you set a framework that you can successfully run independently in the future.

If you would like to talk about recruitment and co-sourcing, we are here to help.

HR on demand. 

Running a business is expensive and while some costs are unavoidable, many businesses don’t have the financial resources to invest in a HR team.

Engaging an expert saves money, time and gives peace of mind that key regulatory requirements and obligations will be met. It also means that some of the fundamental people pieces can be set up from the beginning and provide a foundation for continued growth.


Support can include recruitment assistance, developing onboarding processes, developing key HR policies and processes, building job descriptions, performance review support, or understanding legislative employment requirements.

If you are looking for an extra set of hands to help with your HR, we are here.

Relate. | HR on demand
Relate. | Leading people

Leading people.

Research in 2019 showed that 82% of startup failures were due to poor management and leadership inexperience. As you grow, one of the most important things you can do is invest in the leadership capability of your organisation.


A great leadership program doesn’t have to be costly, but it should be unique to your organisation and include key leadership elements that are critical to success.


Dedicate some time to think through what this looks like for your business, and consider incorporating fundamentals like connecting to purpose, setting expectations, coaching, feedback, and reward and recognition.

If you would like help building your leadership program, we are here.

Understand your obligations.

Employing staff comes with a multitude of important obligations. Knowing the correct award that applies to your staff, including minimum pay, penalty and overtime rates ensures you avoid severe penalties. You also have a legal and ethical responsibility to meet equal opportunity standards, provide a safe workplace, have sound injury management practices, an accurate record-keeping system, and meet your tax and superannuation obligations.


Additionally, top employers are increasingly going beyond their minimum legal obligations to allow all employees access to flexible working arrangements.

If you have specific questions about meeting your obligations, we can help.

Relate. | Understand your obligations
Relate. | Culture


Culture is driven through proactive actions. What seemed to happen effortlessly in the beginning can stall growth and reduce productivity if not deliberately managed. Unhealthy cultures left unchecked can become toxic, driving high performers and knowledge out of your business.

If you have experienced a drop in productivity and employee engagement or an increase in the number of staff complaints or exits, these could be signs that your culture needs a tune up.

Nurture your culture through great communication, setting expectations, hiring great people, and making a conscious effort to keep culture at the heart of the business.

If you would like help with your culture, we are here.